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How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?

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How many burp cloths do I need? The answer to that question is mentioned in this blog post. We have mentioned about the need, types and how many burp cloths needed for your little one.

Read this post till end so that all of your questions will be cleared!

What is a burp cloth?

Burp cloths, or bibs as they are sometimes called, have been around for centuries. They have been used by mothers to protect their baby’s clothing from spit-up and drool.

In recent years burp cloths have become a very popular baby shower gift because of the value they provide in protecting your clothes while feeding your baby or just being out and about with them.

Why do I need burp cloth?

Burp cloths are needed because of the danger that spit-up poses for babies. Spit-up is undigested food that can be ejected by some babies after meals or while feeding.

The baby may not be able to expel it on their own, so it can become very dangerous if they don’t receive help removing this substance.

Sometimes people believe that spit-up is vomit, but it’s actually a different consistency and color.

Vomit tends to be greenish brown in color and white or yellow chunks tend to show up in this mixture of fluids.

 You might find yourself wondering why you need burp cloths once your baby starts eating solid food? Well, vomiting happens when your baby eats something that triggers what looks like a body purge. They might vomit up their entire meal, or it can be a small amount.

Types of Burp Cloths

There are many different types of burp cloths. They all serve the same purpose, but they look and feel different.

Here are some common styles:

Bib alternative – These usually have a flap that goes over the shoulder of baby’s onesie or shirt so it is less bulky than bibs.

Bib – These act like mini-bibs, covering only part of your child’s chest.

Wipeable Onesie Insert – Not technically a burp cloth, but works great for this purpose. This type has no backing fabric at all, so you can wipe baby off with it without having to remove it from them entirely.

Traditional Burp Cloth – These look just like traditional washcloths. They are very absorbent and can be used on both sides.

Budget friendly – You can use a washcloth and some safety pins for this. Just cut the washcloth in half diagonally, so you have two triangles. Then fasten them together with safety pins at the top, leaving the two “arms” free. This works great as burp cloths because of their shape–horizontal instead of vertical like most burp cloths.

Flannel Burp Cloth – These are just like traditional burp cloths but made of flannel instead of cotton.

Baby Bib – These look more like bibs than drop-shoulder bib alternatives and usually come with Velcro or snaps to make it easy to put on and take off.

Velour Burp Cloth – These are like plush, mini-bath towels.

Bubble/Towel – Most baby stores sell these. They are lightweight towels, like the ones you find at swimming pools that look like bubbles.

Wipe Worthy – These function as regular washcloths with a snap on the corner to make it easier to wipe your child without removing them completely (or getting something else messy). These can also be found in baby stores and usually come in packs of two or more.

Flowering Burp Cloth – A traditional burp cloth with embroidery around it of flowers or other designs.

How many burp cloths do I need?

We recommend at least 12 burp cloths for a newborn and up to around 24 burp cloths as the baby grows. Have at least one for every feed and more than that if you can!

Most general guidelines for burp cloths are at least 1 per every 4-6 hours of use. You may need more or less depending on the child, how much they spit up, and what you are using them for.

For example, most burp cloths are used in tandem with a clothing change so if you plan on doing multiple changes in an hour then having extra is helpful.

If you find that your child is not spitting up often or does not have sensitive skin, then it’s possible to get away with less Burps Cloths especially around 6 months when baby starts to eat solids which tend to decrease spitting up. Another way fewer burp cloths can be utilized is by simply doubling or tripling them up so that you can use them for longer.

If your child spits up a lot or is particularly sensitive, then having a larger quantity of burp cloths is helpful.

If your child’s skin is sensitive and tends to break out from chemicals in certain fabrics, minimally processed materials such as muslin might be better for you since it breathes well and releases heat so the fabric doesn’t feel as wet against baby’s body as other options which could cause rash breakouts.

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Benefits of using a burp cloth

1. One of the most significant benefits of burp cloth is that it absorbs any drool or milk spilling from baby’s mouth very well rather than letting it fall on their body which makes them uncomfortable.

2. Burp cloths help to keep your baby dry and clean always as they absorb all the spills immediately without leaving any stain behind.

3. Babies are playful creatures that do not stay still in one place for too long, so you cannot expect them to use a napkin during meal times. The drool falls everywhere apart from the utensils but using a burp cloth can work even better than a napkin as it absorbs maximum amount of moisture quickly leaving no spillage.

4. Burp cloths are quite easy to carry and use even when you have a limited storage space in your baby bag, so it makes no difference whether you have one or not.

When should I wash my baby’s burp clothes?

The answer perfectly lies up to you. You can either wash it one by one after its use or simply collect all of them and leave it on weekend washing. Sometimes, if your baby need the burp cloths too frequently, it is better to wash it so that you can use it again and again.


If you are looking for a way to keep your baby clean, stylish and comfortable during feeding time or diaper changes then look no further than this article.

We have provided information that will help answer all of the common questions about burp cloths including what they are, why you need them, types of burps available and how many do I need?

Finally, we discussed when it’s appropriate to wash these items so you can be assured everything is fresh before using again.

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